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Save money on travel expenses and shipping of your shooting team's equipment, taking advantage of our services.

We make all types of video shooting: telecasting pieces, interviews, videos of any complexity, commentaries, underwater shooting, stand-ups. We make videos with Chroma key and black and white cyclorama, on a frequency of 3000 frames per second, with a stroboscope, water and smoke, using a 9-meter lift crane and 38 more ways of shooting a video.

Our best works are documentary films: our documentaries are broadcasted on major TV-channels. You can find the selected projects in our portfolio.

We have a large and experienced team of operators, reporters and producers. We use professional equipment and are ready to perform any type of video shooting in any conditions.

Email us at info@sobkorr.com, so that we could assess the extent of the required video shooting and come up with an offer elaborated for you.

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A documentary is a complex genre, which is based on real events and nonfictional topics. This means that the creation of such a film requires very serious preparatory work, collecting material, real (not reconstructed) shooting. We have been creating documentaries for a long time, shooting films for national channels and receiving awards at festivals.

The timing for a standard synopsis is just 3-10 minutes. However, this is what makes it more challenging, requiring professionalism, wise highlighting of clue points, and picking up the right amount of footage. Due to the vast experience of working with television channels, we know how to make interesting stories on any topic.

Making reports means being always in the movement and crating footage in real time. To do this, one needs to have certain skills and considerable experience, because it is impossible to repeat events happening "here and now" later. A report is "hot" news, and we know how to "cook" it well.

A stand-up is the work of a journalist in shot. This is a technique which is often used by correspondents of news media to add validity and the involvement effect to a report. We professionally shoot any stand-ups in any conditions, even in a crowd of shouting soccer fans or during a storm.

Creating an interview is not just recording "questions-and-answers". It is a talent of carrying a dialogue and getting really interesting answers. This is a practical skill of correct aligning shoot composition, professional work with light, stressing or hiding details, creating a special image of the main character of a story or a documentary. Our reporters and cameramen shot brilliant interviews with various people: show business stars, politicians, servicemen, witnesses of events, and many others.

Here are the selected examples of video materials shot by our team: